Central Montana Public Health District

The Central Montana Health District (CMHD) provides a wide variety of public health-related programs and services throughout the region.

Communicable Disease Surveillance and Prevention

The Central Montana Health District (CMHD) Public Health and Environmental Health programs perform communicable disease activities. CMHD communicable disease prevention services work to protect the community from the spread of communicable diseases, including: investigates individual cases, as well as outbreaks, in a private and confidential manner, monitors trends in particular diseases, contains or controls the spread of these diseases, and provides statistics to Montana DPHHS.

Communicable diseases are those that are spread by touch, direct contact or even through the air. It is necessary for CMHD to track these illnesses to prevent the transmission of disease. Some of the diseases investigated are Chickenpox, Influenza, Chlamydia, Hepatitis, Pertussis, Norovirus, as well as Giardia, Salmonella, and Campylobacter.

Reportable Diseases are those that healthcare providers are required to report; CMHD is obligated by law to perform follow-up on all reportable diseases and conditions. The CMHD conducts monthly Epidemiology Team meetings with the local Unified Health Team to review communicable disease concerns in the six county area.

CMHD is also available as an educational resource for parasite infestations such as: head lice, bed bugs and scabies. A printable brochure is available here for the programs available with the Central Montana Health District.

Central Montana Health District is obligated by law to perform follow-up on all reportable diseases and conditions.

State of Montana List of Reportable Diseases
Administrative Rules of MT- Communicable Disease Reporting and Control
HIPAA Privacy Rule and Disease Reporting Obligations

Central MT Public Health

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Sue Woods, RN, BSN
Public Health Director
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Cancer Control Specialist
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