Mammo Bus

mammo bus.png

The St. Vincent Healthcare Mobile Mammography Coach, otherwise referred to as the Mammo Bus, travels much of Montana and Wyoming, partnering with businesses and community organizations, in order to bring important screenings to women in their communities.  The Mammo Bus provides the best 3-D screenings available in just 15 minutes.  It's safe, private, and convenient!  Screenings Save Lives!

The Mammo Bus service is not provided through the Central Montana Health District- the clinics are set up by, and all appointments are made directly through St. Vincent Healthcare. However, our role through the Central Montana Cancer Screening Program is to ensure that all eligible women have access to vital cancer screenings/procedures that aren’t otherwise fully covered by their insurance and/or if they don't have insurance. Therefore, women who are uninsured, or under-insured are encouraged to enroll in our Cancer Screening Program. Under-insured refers to those whose insurance doesn’t fully cover certain costs related to breast and/or cervical cancer screenings/procedures, such as additional scans, doctor visits, and biopsies. It's best to enroll in the program before receiving any screenings/procedures. At each clinic site in our area, we do try to set up an information booth (schedule and weather permitting) to provide information about our Cancer Screening Program and enroll eligible women.

Appointments are booked directly through St. Vincent Healthcare-  Call (406) 237-4373 to book your appointment today!