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I am the Health Education Specialist for the Central Montana Health District, which serves Judith Basin, Petroleum, Musselshell, Golden Valley, and Wheatland Counties.  My goal is to put out Newsletters with useful information for a wide variety of audiences that relate to my program areas- Tobacco Education, Cancer Control, Worksite Wellness, and Healthy Living (including nutrition, physical activity, and chronic diseases). I also like to include a healthy recipe and Trivia questions…and humor whenever I can. (The link to sign up for my Wellness Wednesday e-mail list is below)

A Brief History: When I first started putting out my newsletter, pre-Covid, they were sent out on a weekly basis on Wednesdays, which is why I called them "Wellness Wednesday."  When our office got overwhelmed responding to the pandemic, I put my focus on helping our office (case investigation, planning and working Clinics, etc.). Unfortunately, that meant that much of my program work, including my newsletters, went by the wayside.  As things slowed down, I started to get back to doing newsletters (April 2022) but was only able to get them put out periodically.  I found that my schedule now is too busy to commit to a weekly newsletter, and my last one went out in October 2022.  This time around, I plan to shoot for at least a monthly newsletter, hopefully at least two per month.  My original newsletters were created directly in an email, as I wanted it available when people opened the e-mail without having to open an attachment or click on a link.  Although I liked this, it had its limitations (not easy to post on social media or share on our website).  This time around I have revamped my newsletter (new colors, layout, PDF) and decided to recruit the help of my office mate to help me put together articles.  These improvements will help me get out monthly or bi-monthly newsletters, as well as allow me to easily post it on social media and share it here.

Although there is some information specific to the counties I serve, my newsletters are relevant to everyone. I have subscribers from all over Montana, as well as from other states. To sign up to be on my Wellness Wednesday Newsletter e-mailing list, click here.

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